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Stunning New Design.

Tons of New Features.

LocalLink is now LocalBrackets. But the change is far more than just the name!

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Create Brackets.

Build Communities.

LocalBrackets helps you create and manage groups of all sizes - and effectively build an inclusive community.

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Find Brackets.

Near You, For You.

LocalBrackets helps you easily find the bracket of your interest, near you. Finding the right community is very crucial to your way to socialising!

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Socialise &

Learn New Things.

LocalBrackets helps you join meaningful communities so you can do what you really love - together. That way you socialise and learn - at the same time!

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Connect & Collaborate.

With Everything at 1 Place.

LocalBrackets helps you efficiently connect and collaborate with your community, with powerful management tools, like the lightning fast chat.

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Bragging Rights,


LocalBrackets gives you a quick, intuitive report about you - and your interests based on membership. How you brag with it has been left upon you!

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Anti Spam

Built in.

LocalBrackets has been built keeping your security at utmost priority. With verified accounts, bracket reporting and rating, limitations on bracket creation and modification - you can be assured of being at a safe place!

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